Episode 9 – Mommin' Vs. Daddin' I

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Right up front: the ending is rough, I was super stuffed up so I was doing a lot of mouth breathing, and the most important part: YOU CAN HEAR MY ROOSTER CROWING AT 2:25. 

Okay, this is a really long episode, and I don’t know exactly what, if anything to cut because I had fun listening to it all. That being said, I have some bonus content from as far back as Mary Hetrick that needs to be mixed and uploaded, and I’m going to be doing a ramble here in the next week or so. So we’ll see. 

This was a super fun episode to do, both during the interview and even during the most tedious parts of mixing. We go from humor to dark pretty quick toward the last third, but I hope it all came together okay in the end. I just seemed a bit overwroght to record a whole voiceover to splice the two together, and I kind of like the dissonance of the unnatural shift in topic. 

Let me know what you think!

Oh, and two things I learned about myself as I cleaned this episode up:

1. I do, in fact, like whiskey after all.

2. Whiskey makes me laugh. A lot. And it sounds weird. 

Alright kids. 

Night night. Aaron Stearns will be here at noon tomorrow for his interview and for whatever reason it seems like schedules are getting moved around such that dads are going to come a little before June. But we’ll figure out a way to make sure dads still get their month. I’ve got ideas, my pretties. 

Now go to bed. 

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