Episode 12 – Psych Moms

Hear another hour of tape in which Shanell talks about the dual relationships she encounters in being a school psychologist and also a mom to kids in the school where she works, the loveliness of a Disney cruise, and more by becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month.

In this episode, Behavior Specialist and School Psychologist Shanell Daman discusses her struggle with infertility and miscarriage, the cognitive dissonance that comes with being a child psychologist whose son has been in therapy for a couple of years now, and the ongoing struggle of managing dual relationships with other moms. 

Shanell is my very best friend in the whole world, and you’ve heard me talking about her on numerous episodes. We had our first children – my twins and her son – within two months of one another, and I’ve always looked up to Shanell, both as a woman and now as a mother too. 

Shanell is no-nonsense and completely direct, but she’s also incredibly warm, compassionate, and empathetic. She’s an amazing mother, though I know she would dispute (or at least qualify) that statement, given the chance. But I’ve used her as a model for my own parenting on countless occasions, and I don’t know that I’d have made it as far as I have as a mom without having her as a yardstick by which I can measure my own degree of success or failure. 

I hope every single mom has a friend even half as good as I do in Shanell. She’s responsible for the better part of my parenting sanity. Or, at least, that which I still have left. 

For anyone interested in being aware of language before listening, this episode is pretty clear of bad language, but Shanell is a surface tapper. She tapped the desk where I had the microphone sitting throughout the interview, and I failed to recognize the impact the tapping would have on the final audio, so you may find the tapping troublesome throughout.  I tried to edit it out or at least mitigate it with audio filters, but this represents my best efforts, as the noise itself is embedded within our voices and not something I can just clear off. I’m sad about that, but I’m chalking it up to a learning experience, of which there have been many in this foray into a whole new medium. Sorry about it, though. I’ll do better next time. 

End disclaimer. =D

You can unlock an entire extra hour of tape with Shanell, as well as former guests, and behind-the-scenes production stills, patrons-only rambles and shoutouts, and handwritten thank you notes by becoming a Patron for as little as $1 a month. Come join the growing community of cool moms. And dads. And grandmas. And other humans.

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