Episode 11 – Mommin' Vs. Daddin' III – Frank Williams

Hear another 40 minutes of Frank’s Episode and unlock more great bonus content, behind-the-scenes production stills, rambles, shoutouts, and more by becoming a patron for as little as $1 a mont!

Frank Williams is freaking awesome. Frank moved to Warren, Pa., in 2018 and shortly afterward I met him when I was a reporter for the local newspaper. I had no idea Frank would become one of my good friends, that his wife Ashley would become my soul sister/hetero lifemate, nor that our kids would love each other. 

But all of those things are true. 

Frank and his family experienced two house fires, nearly a year to the day apart. He’s also biracial, and raising biracial kids in a very – air quotes – traditional place. In this episode, he talks about all that. He’s super cool, this episode was super easy, both to record and to edit, and you should want to be his friend by the end too. 

Frank’s funny, and in another 40 minutes of tape, which is available for as little as $1 a month by becoming a patron on Patreon, he discusses creating a drinking game where everyone calls him (the only black man in the room) Iggy Pop and makes him drink, how being deployed served as a marital separation that, in the end, may have saved his marriage, and the weird relationship between humans and cats (and cats’ buttholes and genitals).

It’s a fabulous interview front to back, and Frank is a fabulous guy.

Check it out today!

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