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Host Stacey Gross is a writer and podcaster living and working in Warren, Pennsylvania. The single mother to twin school-aged girls, Stacey started Two Moms Day Drinking as a way to share the stories of parents with something to contribute to the current narrative surrounding parenting in all its facets. Stacey enjoys living on a dirt road, raising chickens and ducks, and thinking over big issues with humor and humility.

This podcast is for any person who’s interested in parenting from any angle whatsoever. From moms and dads to aunts, uncles, and grandparents, listeners will get first-person narratives about indiviudal parenting experiences from parents of all walks of life, with diverse messages on, feelings about, and orientations toward parenting. But people who’ve chosen not to have children, those who’ve lost children, those who’ve adopted or fostered kids, or even just people with tangential relationships to parenthood will find engaging stories and plenty of humor in each episode.


Are you tired of the Mommy Wars? Why not take a step back from the carnage as it unfolds on social media and, instead, take a deep dive into the personal stories of one of the soldiers? Two Moms Day Drinking is a weekly podcast that features a fresh interview each week with someone who has something to say on the topic of parenting.

Some episodes do feature extreme honesty, or some swearing that may bother listeners. But ultimately this podcast delivers radical honesty about the subjective experience of podcasting with humor and humility, from an authentic voice of experience in the field.


Since December of 2019. Two Moms Day Drinking has been delivering fresh episodes each week with a different guest on a different topic as it relates to parenting. Each episode is about an hour long, with an extra 60 to 90 minutes of tape available to patrons of the show on Patreon. Patrons also receive their episodes a week before the general public.

As of the beginning of March, 2019, Two Moms Day Drinking has gotten almost 1,000 downloads and has almost 100 listeners, spanning ten countries and over 120 cities worldwide. New episodes drop each Thursday for the general public on all major podcast apps, and the Saturday before that patrons on Patreon.

In May of 2020, the podcast will focus on the stories of grandmothers, aunts, and other women who aren’t mothers themselves but are involved in the lives of children close to them.

In June of 2020, the podcast will focus on fathers, and we’ll be featuring panel discussions with the dads who’ve already sat down for interviews as well as new dads, and men with something to say about parenting culture.


You can catch Two Moms Day Drinking on the following podcast apps, websites, and blogs:

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PATREON becoming a patron unlocks bonus content, handwritten thank you postcards, monthly ramble audios, behind-the-scenes production stills, articles on guests, the opportunity to co-create future content with me, and more great benefits

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Two Moms Day Drinking is produced to provide a place where those interested in the discourse surrounding parenting at the beginning of 2020 can hear a relevant guest share their opinions, experiences, and struggles with parenting. It’s a place to investigate new ideas, and to confirm your own beliefs and ideals about parenting, or to open them up to challenges for further investigation.






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