How To Listen to Two Moms Day Drinking

Are you tired of the Mommy Wars?

Would you rather spend an hour taking a deep dive into the story of one of the soldiers than watching the carnage unfold on social media?

Then you need to listen to this podcast immediately.

Each week I publish a new 20 to 60 minute episode in which I have a candid conversation with another parent over a glass of wine.

Or whiskey, if it’s a dad. Dad’s like whiskey. And so do I. Kind of. Sometimes. I’ve learned that much so far.

We talk about heavy subjects, like abuse, trauma, addiction, and recovery. We also talk about lighter topics, like feminism, upcoming events that may be of interest, funny parenting stories (like that one time Faye’s son pooped on her neighbor’s lawn).

We cuss. We laugh. We drink. And, most importantly, we make each other feel better every single week. And we wanna make you feel better too. So come have a listen!

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